How much will I earn licensing my work?

How much will I earn licensing my work?

Registering works with Onregistry is free and you retain the copyright to your work.


If you choose to license your work, your account will be credited each time one of your registered items is licensed. Onregistry will only collect a fee from the proceeds for licensing of the author’s works, including copyright infringement. The fee applies to copyrighted and non-copyrighted works. You only pay for results. If no proceeds are earned, there is no fee collected. It’s that simple.


An author’s net earnings are based on the type of account:


Basic                            50% Net Earnings

Pro                                50% Net Earnings

Enterprise                    50-70% Net Earnings *


*varies depending on a total proceeds/terms schedule.


Effective as of June 1, 2017

Publication Ref. 0392.3814 EN form 3814.1/V1.0