What type of works can I register?

What type of works can I register?

Onregistry will accept the registration of nearly any kind of work so long as it’s in digital form. However, not all types of works are protected by copyright laws. According to the World International Property Organization’s Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, a copyright may be the following:


Artistic works: photography, drawings, paintings, designs, three-dimensional models, sculpture, engravings, lithography, comics, and more.


Dramatic and audiovisual works: movies, animations, theater, short films.


Literary works: articles, tales, novels, essays, posts, electronic pages.


Musical works: musical compositions, digital recordings, phonographic productions, scores.


Software code (all formats): related manuals and technical documents, graphics and description modules (limited to some legislations).


Revised March 1, 2017

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