Upload works using FTP

Upload works using FTP

You can upload works to Onregistry using the drag & drop method provided in your Control Panel or by FTP for large catalogs. Video content should only be uploaded using FTP.


You will need to use an FTP client like a free version of Filezilla*


Connect to Onregistry using FTP as follows:


FTP Address     FTP.onregistry.com

User                   Your Onregistry Account's E-Mail Address

Password          Your Onregistry Account's Password


All other fields (such as PORT or HOST) must be left blank.


Once connected, upload your work in the general or main area of the FTP client.

Do not upload work into a specific folder.

After completion, your uploaded works will appear within your Control Panel within 24 hours. It could take additional time before your work shows in your Onregistry account depending on traffic and the size of your files.


*please note that Filezilla may send you to a third party website.


Effective March 1, 2017

Publication Ref. 0392.3884 EN form 3884.1/V1.0