How do I submit works for registration?

How do I submit works for registration?

Onregistry offers three account types. All three account types are completely free and allow for the registration of works.


Submitting works to Onregistry is simple. Works submitted to Onregistry may be evaluated by a reviewer. You can learn more about our review process here: How is content reviewed?


File Types and Sizes

We accept the following file formats:




.db (Database File)

.mdb (Microsoft Access Database)*

.xls (Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet) *




.bmp (Bitmap Work)

.dwg (AutoCAD Drawing)

.dwf (Autodesk Design)

.fdr (Final Draft)

.gif, .giff (Graphics Interchange Format)

.jpg, .jpeg, .jfif (Joint Photographic Experts Group)

.pdf (Portable Document Format)

.pic, .pict (Picture File)

.png (Portable Network Graphic)

.psd (Photoshop Document)

.pub (Microsoft Publisher)

.tga (Targa Graphic)

.tif, .tiff (Tagged Work File Format)

.wmf (Windows Metafile)




.aif, .aiff (Audio Interchange File Format)

.au (Audio File)

.mid, .midi, .rmi (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)

.mp3 (MP3 Audio File or Layer 3 Audio Compression)

.ra, .ram (Real Audio File)***

.rmi (Resource Interchangable File Format)

.wav (Windows Wave Sound File)

.wma (Windows Media Audio File)




.avi (audio video interleave)

.mov (quicktime)

.mpg, .mpeg (Moving Picture Experts Group)

.rm, .rv (Real Media File)***

.swf (Adobe Flash formerly Shockwave Flash)

.wmv (windows media video)

Text     .doc (Microsoft Word Document)*

.docx (Microsoft Word Open XML Document)*

.htm, .html (HyperText Markup Language)

.pdf (Portable Document Format)

.rtf (Rich Text Document)

.txt (Text File)

.wpd (WordPerfect Document)

.wps (Microsoft Works Word Processor Document)**

Presentation     .pps, .ppt (Microsoft Power Point)*

Compressed     .zip (Zipped File)


* For Microsoft Office files, please use version 2003 or earlier.

** For Microsoft Works files, please use version 9 or earlier.

*** For Real Player files, please use version 6 or earlier.


Upload Your Content


Onregistry offers two options for uploading your works: via your web browser or via mass upload.


Files less than 35 megabytes can be uploaded directly from the New Works page in your account. Click on New Works at the left of your Control Panel and simply provide the required information. You may drag and drop work files into the uploading window under the works tab or select multiple files using mass upload from your desktop (mass upload is available to Pro and Enterprise accounts).


Files over 35 megabytes must be uploaded via FTP. You can learn more about FTP uploading here: Upload works using FTP


If you experience issues with uploading, check out this troubleshooting guide: Resolve FTP uploading issues


Tagging and Metadata


Once your works have successfully uploaded you will need to enter titles, keywords, and categories also referred to as Creative Fields. Keyword information also known as metadata makes it possible for people to discover your works. We’ve published some tips here: Title and Keyword best practices to maximize your visibility.


Once each work is ready for submission, click Save at the top right of the New Work Editor window.


If you are not quite ready to submit at this time, you can click "Save" to save your uploaded content for submission at a later time. In such cases, be sure to set the “Enable Work” to “No.”


You have up to 21 days to complete the submission of uploaded works for review. If you do not submit your work to us within that timeframe, it will automatically be deleted from our servers.


If after clicking Save you receive a message that some of the works contain errors, go to the error outlined in red and correct each by providing the required information.


Once you have successfully submitted a work, you will see the works immediately in your portfolio but it may display a message “Pending Approval.” An item pending approval or granted automatically approved depends on a variety of factors, the account type, the creative field type, as well as the history of the author/rights holder.    


If your work requires a review, you will receive an automated email from Onregistry notifying you when a specific work has been approved and added into your portfolio. It may take up to 72 hours for newly approved works to show up in your portfolio for public view.


Effective March 1, 2017

Publication Ref. 0392.3883 EN form 3883.1/V1.0