Can I modify a registered work?

Can I modify a registered work?

Yes. Works registered may be modified. However, the evidence that accompanies the work will record the date modified and in most cases effect the date of the evidence accompanying the work, indicating that it was registered on a previous date and time. Licensing fees may also be modified. Modification to a licensing fee shall apply forward and may not be applied retroactively with any pre-existing licensee.


Changes to Registered Works (Versioning)


Modification to a works already registered may require a new registration.


When a work has been modified substantially from the original the author/rights holder is required to perform a new registration. The registration of any modified version should always be associated with the original in order to insure that it can be traced back to the original work. During the registration of any new version, the registrant provides the registration ID issued to the original work. It then adds an association with the original work but remains independent.


Revised March 1, 2017

Publication Ref. 0392.3882 EN form 3882.1/V1.0