Commonly Asked Licensing Questions

A Public Profile page contains basic information about the author/right holder and his or her registered collection of works. The author/rights holder’s personal information is not displayed publically. The Public Profile can be edited within your control panel.


Revised March 1, 2017

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Onregistry is the world's first platform to enable independent, direct self-management of copyrights.


We provide the creative community intellectual property management using hybrid media recognition and computer vision. Protection begins the moment works are registered in our system. Our web crawlers perform millions of searches over the entire web identifying use of unlicensed work against those registered. We don’t just discover... Read more

Yes. Works registered may be modified. However, the evidence that accompanies the work will record the date modified and in most cases effect the date of the evidence accompanying the work, indicating that it was registered on a previous date and time. Licensing fees may also be modified. Modification to a licensing fee shall apply forward and may not be applied retroactively with any pre-existing licensee.


Changes to Registered Works... Read more

Yes, it is an author’s right. It is important that the author be aware that any modification to any license shall be effective for those who license the work after the change takes place. It will not affect those who may have licensed the work prior to such change.


In order to guarantee legal safeguards, it is important that authors/rights holders modifying the conditions in which they make the work available clearly notify existing... Read more

Have questions about a copyright? You can send questions related to copyright issues to Onregistry support by opening a Help Desk ticket located under your Onregistry My Account page.


Onregistry’s Licensing Team will typically respond within 24 hours. Response information should not be construed as definitive or absolute, and shall not include the reviewing or drafting of claims, demands, complaints, contracts, reports, opinions, or any... Read more

A Custom License allows the author/rights holder to set different licensing terms for a specific work. The author/rights holder may provide custom terms at their sole discretion and responsibility. Custom License’s are not recommended for those without appropriate legal advice.


This feature is available to Pro and Enterprise Accounts.


Revised March 1, 2017

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Our Licensing Team is ready to help.


You can send questions related to copyright issues to Onregistry’s Licensing Team by opening a Help Desk ticket located under your Onregistry My Account page.


Licensing personnel are supervised at all times by an in-house legal team. However, if you need... Read more

The author/rights holder is provided an additional Control Panel for the purpose of registering and managing works. The tools and information it provides is specific to the registration of works with an option to easily license content to others. This Control Panel should not be confused with the Control Panel located in the registered user’s My Account.


The additional Control Panel provides registration tools exclusively to an author/rights holder (“the... Read more

No. You are not obligated to license the work that you register with Onregistry. However, we do require that all registered works be made available for public view for purposes of copyright verification.


Registration is completely free. Our search web crawling and monitoring is included and also free. Onregistry will search the entire web in order to discover unlicensed use of the work registered.


Revised March 1, 2017

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Onregistry offers three account types:


Basic               Free, includes 5 GB Secure Storage, 24/7 Email Support, 0-9 Works Copyrighted

Pro                   Free, includes 100 GB Secure Storage, 24/7 Email & Phone Support, 10-24 Works Copyrighted **

Enterprise       Free, includes 1 TB (1,000 GB) of Storage, 24/7 Email & Phone Support, 25+ Works... Read more

If you are the author/rights holder of a work that is being used unlawfully and the work is registered under your account with Onregistry, you have several options available.


First, consider are the following:


Is the subject work being used for a commercial purpose, or private use? We will not request a license fee or claim compensation in cases where a work is published for private use, such as a personal blog, Facebook, Twitter, or a similar... Read more

The following is a legal agreement between you or the employer or other entity on whose behalf you are entering into this agreement ("you" or "Customer") and Onregistry, LLC, a Delaware corporation with its office at Onregistry, LLC., 1 Park Plaza, 6th Floor, Irvine, CA 92714, United States, referred to hereafter as "Onregistry". By entering into this agreement, you verify that your country of residence is the same as your billing address.


"... Read more

Registering works with Onregistry is free and you retain the copyright to your work.


If you choose to license your work, your account will be credited each time one of your registered items is licensed. Onregistry will only collect a fee from the proceeds for licensing of the author’s works, including copyright infringement. The fee applies to copyrighted and non-copyrighted works. You only pay for results. If no proceeds are earned, there... Read more

We have updated our User Terms of Service (TOS) and made changes to the various permitted and restricted uses for our standard and enhanced licenses. Please take this opportunity to review the new terms. By reading the explanation below, you can easily determine which TOS govern the use of content submitted by you.


If a user's account was active prior to Tuesday, August 16, 2016, the user's use of content submitted by you will be controlled by the User TOS in effect at... Read more