Commonly Asked Account Questions

The author/rights holder is provided an additional Control Panel for the purpose of registering and managing works. The tools and information it provides is specific to the registration of works with an option to easily license content to others. This Control Panel should not be confused with the Control Panel located in the registered user’s My Account.


The additional Control Panel provides registration tools exclusively to an author/rights holder (“the... Read more

If you are the author/rights holder of a work that is being used unlawfully and the work is registered under your account with Onregistry, contact us by opening a support ticket under My Account or by email at


Revised March 1, 2017

Publication Ref. 0392.3806 EN form 3806.1/V1.0

There are several ways to register works, a standard method for individual works, or by using FTP for mass uploading a catalog of works. Works may also be mass uploaded from your Google Drive or DropBox.


The standard method for registering works:


Click “Register Works” and create an Onregistry account

Create a “Public Name” and... Read more

All registrations are stored on our secure servers indefinitely for security reasons. They are archived after 12 months but not deleted. All archived registrations and evidences are still valid, but no public information is displayed or provided. Often, archived registrations may return to public display and be manageable if the original account holder decides to again create an Onregistry account.


Revised March 1, 2017

Publication Ref. 0392.3890 EN form... Read more

Yes, it is an author’s right. It is important that the author be aware that any modification to any license shall be effective for those who license the work after the change takes place. It will not affect those who may have licensed the work prior to such change.


In order to guarantee legal safeguards, it is important that authors/rights holders modifying the conditions in which they make the work available clearly notify existing... Read more

Delegate Registration is a type of work’s information registration about authorship, property rights, or by a third party appointed by a grantor.


We highly recommend storing a copy of any such agreements within your account at Onregistry in case our legal department needs to review it.


Revised March 1, 2017

Publication Ref. 0392.3863 EN form 3863.1/V1.0

The invoice for any purchase is available within your account located under “My Purchases.” Invoices and your purchase history can be accessed anytime. You may download an invoice from any purchase.


Revised March 1, 2017

Publication Ref. 0392.3859 EN form 3859.1/V1.0

Onregistry provides the ability to generate a copy of the record with the following relevant metadata: title of work, name of the author or authors and the link to the work’s registration information page (URL). This way it is always possible to access the latest updated information of the registered work. The link to the work’s registration page is a pointer to the address where the information is displayed.


Metadata is information included in... Read more

The Registration Certificate is not a Registration Declaration.


The Registration Certificate is a document which contains all the authorship and copyright information that has been registered at Onregistry for a specific work. The Registration Certificate provides relevant data that can help authenticate the legal rights holder and provide court-admissible evidence in case of license misuse or copyright infringement.


Onregistry allows a draft... Read more

Works may be mass uploaded from Google Drive and DropBox.


Sign in to your account

Select “Mass Upload” located within your control panel

Select on Google Drive or DropBox

Follow the wizard to mass upload works. A folder will be created in your Google Drive or Dropbox*.

*In the case of DropBox new folders will be created in the applications... Read more

In rare cases, Onregistry may ask an author/rights holder to provide additional information in order to complete a specific task. Documents may be uploaded to Onregistry by use of an attachment to a support ticket within your account


Revised March 1, 2017

Publication Ref. 0392.3852 EN form 3852.1/V1.0

Our Licensing Team is ready to help.


You can send questions related to copyright issues to Onregistry’s Licensing Team by opening a Help Desk ticket located under your Onregistry My Account page.


Licensing personnel are supervised at all times by an in-house legal team. However, if you need... Read more

Yes. Agents may register works on behalf of the author/rights holder.


The Agent is not required to create a separate account with Onregistry. An Agent is provided access to an account by the account holder. It is the responsibility of the account holder to govern those persons acting as Agents on their behalf. Agents should be listed as the “Representative” within the account under Profile. The name of the Representative will be displayed on the Public... Read more

No. Onregistry requires that all registered works be made available for public view for purposes of copyright verification. However, you are not obligated to license the work that you register with Onregistry.


Registration is completely free. Our search web crawling and monitoring is included and also free. Onregistry will search the entire web in order to discover unlicensed use of the work registered.


Revised March 1, 2017

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Onregistry offers three account types:


Basic               Free, includes 5 GB Secure Storage, 24/7 Email Support, 0-9 Works Copyrighted

Pro                   Free, includes 100 GB Secure Storage, 24/7 Email & Phone Support, 10-24 Works Copyrighted **

Enterprise       Free, includes 1 TB (1,000 GB) of Storage, 24/7 Email & Phone Support, 25+ Works... Read more

Onregistry offers three account types. All three account types are free and allow for the registration of works.


The Basic Account includes:


Unlimited Registrations

5 GB Secure Storage

Account Profile and Portfolio

Web Monitoring

24/7 Email Support


All accounts include:


Registration Certificates

Co-authorship Registration

Pseudonym in Public... Read more