How do I register my work?

There are several ways to register works. The standard method for individual works or by using FTP for mass uploading a catalog of works. Works may also be mass uploaded from a Google Drive or DropBox account.

The standard method for registering works:

Click “Register Works” and create an Onregistry account

Create a “Public Name” and “Portfolio URL”

Click “New Registration”

Select the “Registration Type” of the item

Select the “Creative Fields” that apply to the item

Provide the information in each field required for the registration type

Be sure to Upload the item’s image(s) under the Images And Videos tab

Select the “Add Link” and upload the item under the file “Upload File”

Provide the Link “Title”

Set Max. Downloads to “Unlimited” (box should be checked)

After completing all relevant information, click “Save”

That’s it. Congratulations!

TIP: The best way to get started: Click on the Guided Tour located within the portfolio control panel.

Need help with a registration? We are ready to help by opening a Help Desk ticket located under your Onregistry My Account page.

For information on how to mass upload and register a catalog of files, see Upload works using FTP

Works submitted to Onregistry may be evaluated by a reviewer.

Revised March 1, 2018

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